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Revital Healthcare received investments from AAIC and OHARA

Revital Healthcare received investments from Japanese investors to address the shortage of medical devices and global health challenges from Africa

AAIC and Ohara Pharmaceutical back Revital Health
for enhancing its capacity and expanding its product portfolio

Mombasa, Kenya – December 27, 2021 –Revital Healthcare (EPZ) Limited, a Kenyan medical supply manufacturer, announced today it received investments from Asia Africa Investment and Consulting Pte Ltd and Ohara Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd to enhance its production of medical devices, including auto-disable vaccine syringes, as well as expand its product portfolio to address the shortage of medical devices in Africa and the world.

Global demand for auto-disable syringes has surged in 2021 as the roll-out of COVID-19 vaccines has progressed around the world. Recent estimates (from PATH) project that there will be over 2,200,000,000 units of the 0.5ml Vaccine Syringe in 2022, which would acutely impact both COVID-19 vaccination and childhood immunization, including the roll-out of new malaria vaccines, in low- and middle-income countries, particularly in Africa.

Expanding Revital’s manufacturing capacity will geographically diversify the global supplier base of syringes, mitigate transportation costs, and help stabilize supply in Africa. Revital is one of twenty-five auto-disable syringe manufacturers prequalified by the World Health Organization (WHO). Revital is currently the only WHO prequalified manufacturer for vaccine syringes in Africa that are contracted by various international programs aimed at assisting low and middle-income countries (LMIC’s) for syringe supply for 2022. A record of over 300 million units of the 0.5ml Vaccine Syringes will be exported to various countries around the world from Kenya and in specific Revital in 2022.

For more than two decades, auto-disable syringes have been the mainstay of vaccination campaigns in low- and middle-income countries, as their fixed needle and locking mechanism prevent re-use, minimizing transmission of blood-borne pathogens such as hepatitis B and HIV.

“Revital Healthcare’s partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, AAIC, and Ohara Pharmaceuticals will go a long way in ensuring that Africa is self-independent and self-reliant to manufacture its own high-quality medical devices at affordable prices,” said Rajni Vora Chairman of Revital Healthcare. With the investments received, Revital intends to expand into the diagnostics line, lab consumables, and many more life-saving medical devices.

“The demand for medical syringes that protect African lives against not just Covid-19, but other infectious diseases such as Malaria and HIV, will amplify going forward. We are glad to be supporting Revital’s significant efforts.”, said Seiji Ohara, President, and CEO of Ohara Pharmaceutical.

“We are proud to back Revital at this critical and challenging time in the global healthcare space. This will greatly contribute to addressing the looming shortage of medical devices including syringes through the enhancement of their production capacities and product portfolios. We are committed to, and are looking forward to this strategic partnership in tackling current and future global health crisis from Africa.” said Shigeru Handa, Director of AAIC, who is nominated as a board member at Revital Healthcare.

Revital estimates that this support will lead to the creation of over 100 direct new jobs and over 5,000 indirect jobs out of which Revital has committed to ensuring that at least 50% of new hires are women. Revital also aims to expand continuously by manufacturing various medical devices, hence, supporting more jobs, boosting the economy, and assisting LMIC’s.

In addition to the expansion plans for the 0.5ml Vaccine Syringes, Revital is now spearheading its operations to launch a whole new line of Rapid Diagnostics Test Kits. Without early detection of various communicable diseases such as Malaria, HIV, and Hepatitis, which kills millions of people every year, no treatment would be impactful. Hence, Revital Healthcare’s R&D team has fast-tracked its manufacturing capacity to now produce RDT- COVID-19 as well as RDT- Malaria. Inline is also HIV, Hepatitis, Cancer, Pregnancy, and many more. Revital Healthcare recently won 1stPrize in the Kenya Innovation Week 2021 and was awarded for being the most innovative company of 2021.


About Revital Healthcare (EPZ) Ltd. :

Revital Healthcare (EPZ) Ltd. is a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility established in 2007 and is located in the heart of Africa (Mombasa – Kenya). With a workforce of 500 people, 80% are women. The benefits provided by hiring more women is the issue of sustainability, self-independence, empowerment, and freedom to enjoy social and economic benefits which further directly benefits our society at large.

Revital manufactures over 45 medical devices ranging from various Syringes (RUP/AD and Conventional), Rapid Covid Antigen Test Kits, Rapid Malaria Test Kits, Oxygen related products (bCPAP), PPE Kits, Surgical Face Masks, Viral Transport Medium Kits, and many more products.

Revital is also accredited by several international organizations such as; WHO-PQS, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, CE-TUV, WHO-GMP, US-FDA-EUA, Health Canada, NAFDAQ, MHRA, TGA, and many more.

Revital strives in manufacturing high-quality medical devices at affordable prices, thus being the number one preferred manufacturer within 21 countries around the world including UNICEF, WHO, CHMP, and various government agencies.

Revital pledges to keep expanding its product range to ensure that Africa as a continent would be self-reliant and self-efficient to manufacture its own high-quality medical devices.


Roneek R. Vora, Director – Sales, Marketing & R&D

Cell Phone (DL):  |  +254-796-900-900   |   +254-737-979-002   |

Email: |   roneekvora@rhcare-epz.com    |   


About Ohara Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd

Ohara Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a pharmaceutical company that discovers and develops orphan drugs and generic drugs as its mainstay business. The company particularly focuses on the development, manufacturing and marketing of orphan drugs for pediatric cancer and other areas, and on the development, manufacturing and marketing of generic drugs that feature in the prevention of medical accidents. Ohara Pharmaceutical aims to become a company that provides a total healthcare solution by promoting innovations not only in treatment but also for the prevention, diagnosis and aftercare that affect the quality of healthcare in the substantially changing healthcare environment and improving the treatment outcome.


Takahiro Iyo, Representative Executive Director and CFO

Email: iyo@ohara-ch.co.jp


About Asia Africa Investment & Consulting (AAIC)

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Singapore, AAIC drives value at its investee companies through a combination of knowledge, people, and capital built on its unique Japanese background. Before the launch of the current Africa Healthcare Fund, AAIC already has had years of impact investing experiences in the African region since 2015. The Africa Healthcare Fund (AHF) is an active investor in the healthcare sector in Africa. Endeavors to continually enhance and strengthen innovative solutions focusing on sectors ranging from primary to advanced medical care.


Handa Shigeru, Director

Email: pr-investment@aa-ic.com

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