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AAIC Holdings Pte. Ltd. Opens a new subsidiary in Egypt, which is one of the major countries in the Middle East and Africa.

Singapore-20th April- AAIC Holdings Pte. Ltd. (Headquarters: Singapore, CEO: Susumu Tsubaki, hereinafter AAIC Holdings) is pleased to announce AAIC Investment and Consulting Egypt opening as AAIC’s Egyptian subsidiary on 10th January 2023.

Located in North Africa, Egypt is a very important pivot point for capturing economic growth in the Middle East and Africa.

With a population of over 100 million, Egypt is the third largest in Africa. Egypt is attracting attention not only in the consumer market due to the rise of the middle class in the market, but also in the environmental and energy sectors, startups, and other areas of growth.

Furthermore, Egypt has free trade agreements with many EMEA(*1) countries, making it a strategic location for the manufacturing industry. The Egyptian government is also actively involved in the development of special economic zones such as SCZone(*2), and significant growth is expected over the medium to long term.

AAIC Holdings will further expand its support system for companies by opening a new subsidiary in Egypt, a key location in the Middle East and Africa.

Startup investments have also been particularly strong in Egypt in recent years. In Africa as a whole, Egypt accounts for 18.4% of the total amount and 15.2% of the number of startup investments in 2022 (both third after Nigeria and Kenya) (*3).

We have also invested in four companies through our healthcare fund (as of March 2023), and we intend to continue to actively invest in the Egyptian market in light of its further potential.

With the opening of its Egyptian subsidiary, AAIC now also covers the BIG Four(*4), the major African business countries. Please contact us if your company is considering expanding into Africa.

*1 EMEA : Abbreviated name referring to the regions of Europe, the Middle East, Africa
*2 SCZone : Suez Canal Economic Zone
*3 sources : Briter Bridges “Africa Investment Report 2022”
*4 BIG Four:Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, and Egypt, are the so-called “four countries that serve as regional hubs for each of Africa’s east-west and north-south regions. They account for more than 70% of the total African market.
Currently, AAIC has offices in the East (Nairobi, Kenya) / West (Lagos, Nigeria) / South (Johannesburg, South Africa) / North (Cairo, Egypt).

Egypt office
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AAIC Investment and Consulting Egypt
5th Floor Namaa Building, Emtedad Ramses Street, 6th District, Nasr City, Cairo EGYPT

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